Using Smart Sparrow as Clickers

In Fall 2017, I will be using Smart Sparrow platform to improve the efficacy of the flipped classroom for pre-class learning.  I have been using clickers in the classroom for the last ten years and stumbled on this link  This link shows how to use Smart Sparrow to do polling in the class, and hence is an alternative to clickers for my class. This will save my students money and also save them from having to navigate another platform for use of personal response systems.  I will move the clicker questions over in Fall 2017 and use them in Spring 2018.  Yes, it is a long time from now, but you do not have to wait.

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Getting Started on Smart Sparrow Adaptive Platform

May 13, 2017

Autar Kaw

We are developing content for a course in Numerical Methods on the Smart Sparrow adaptive platform. There is a learning curve for you to get started but it does not have to be difficult.  To get going, we propose the following.

  1. Watch this YouTube Smart Sparrow playlist to get an overview (22 minutes of video).
  2. This tutorial video will help you make your first lesson (52 minutes long).
  3. This tutorial from Learning Solutions magazine illustrates the authoring environment.
  4. The knowledge base for Smart Sparrow is an essential resource and I would concentrate just on the creating lessons part first.
  5. Then there is always the dependable support available by emailing to or by filling an online form.

In our future blogs, we will be illustrating our use of Smart Sparrow in the development of our lessons by creating tutorials based on generic content.


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