WordPress does not update image

Till recently I used to place images within my WordPress blog at my own website.  I would do this as I was using the free WordPress.com site where storage is limited.  Well, I found out that if I update the image on my personal website, WordPress will take an unknown time to update it at the blog.

As of this date, October 21, 2016, 2:50PM EDT, the two images are different (the image is updated now as of October 30, 2016).  It is because I updated the image on my website but it did not get updated on the wordpress.com site.  I have cleared my cache, used different computers and browsers in the house that do not belong to me, used my desktop computer at school, but the result is the same – the two images are still different after a week of updating.

WordPress support has been helpful and ultimately says that it is an image cacheing problem and there is no set time for it to be cleared.  I have resolved the problem by avoiding it.  I now upload images to the WordPress site as I started using the paid premium site.

What do you think?


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